Food is Culture + Tallinn Port Map campaign €590+

This is the most basic 3+ campaign, that is meant to support a restaurant having a banner in Tallinn Port for summer period of 3 months.

This campaign does not include purchasing banners in Tallinn Port, these have to be purchased directly from Tallinn Port.

The campaign includes annual campaign in Food is Culture magazine, that features trustworthy restaurants chosen by Tallinn Port guide, to send Tallinn Port visitors to. The campaign also includes Tallinn Port Guide & Map campaign for one quarter with a text and logo add. Tallinn Port Guide & Map shares 180 000+ copies a year, but Food is Culture campaign targets a near summer quarter, where the number of guides shared is higher (usually 50 000 – 60 000 copies). Tallinn Port Guide & Map is distributed mostly to Tallinn port visitors, who come from countries outside the European Union, so they have very limited internet access (due to very high internet price, for example when you visit Seychelles with estonian Elisa sim card, one MB of internet will cost you 20+ Euros).

Food is Culture magazine is printed in 2 000 – 10 000 copies and shared in Eesti Info partner hotels until visitors have spent a total of 300 000+ nights in a hotel with your purchased copy of the Food is Culture.

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