CS Marketing Measuring & Expense Optimizer €340+

Annual Payment Contract is 1200€/year, it includes 1200€ in annual software licence fees and IoT device is -100%, new device every 2 years. Includes fast shipping, IoT device shipped in 2 weeks.

Quarterly Payment contract is 390€/quarter, it includes 110€ x 3 months = 330€ software licence fees and a new IoT device every 2 years. Slow shipping 45 days as first quarter payment is not for licence, but for IoT device, but it includes free trial of 30 days software licence.

Monthly Payment contract is 170€/month. The first two month payments are for the IoT device shipping is slow – 45 days and if second month payment is not paid the first month payment covers shipping to customer area and back to the IoT device provider. The second month payment includes 15 days free trial for software licence. From the third month 150€/month is licence fee and 20€ is monthly pre payment for next device, new IoT device is included in contract after every 2 years.

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