Finally 3+ visibilty marketing campaignes possible in tourism sector

Tourism Full Campaigns 3+ are first of its kind tourism marketing campaigns, that target the same tourists covering marketing most important principle – target the exact same customer minimum three or more times for your campaign to be successful.

From covid year minimum 4 000 000+ visitor by Tallinn Port, normally Tallinn Port visitor number is 6 000 000+ visitors per year. Before Eesti Info group there were no tourism media channels besides Tallinn Port banners, that actually managed to reach even 800 000+ tourists with one marketing channel per year. This is a fact, although there have been such claims.

Basic math can tell you that with Tallinn Port banner you can get 1+ view and than you need 2+ and 3+ while the tourist is still shopping, before going back to the port. As other channels had that small audience and there are no TV advertisement unfortunately in tourism sector, 3+ marketing campaigns mostly remained myths or small city map campaigns.

First Eesti Info created city maps, that targeted customers, who did not have internet access in Estonia, who travelled here from outside European Union. These customers were finally forced to look at the same map more than once a day to get to the city as well as back from the city for navigation.

Now with Eesti Info creating second biggest marketing channel Estonia Selected, many options are finally possible. As Estonia Selected hotel room magazine targets from minimum 5 000 000 nights spent in Estonia within January-September 2020, all the way to 10,9 Million nights spent in Estonia by tourists in 2019. (Statistics by Eesti Pank and Statistika Amet).

Estonia Selected is the only marketing channel, that makes its potential readers walk by (the magazine) within hands reach minimum 3-4 times to get to the bed. As well as on average Estonia selected potential reader spends 3x times more time in the close proximity of the marketing channel, than time spent in close proximity of the closest competitors marketing channel.

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